Architecture is the seventh art
Architecture is not merely the profession of Designing Buildings; it is much more than that! It is a comprehensive process of shaping a cultural landscape, through Art and Science of the built-environment; it is indeed a multi-disciplinary and integrated process spanning Arts, Crafts, Sciences, Technologies and Philosophies.

Prithwe - prith symbolize ‘earth’ and we symbolize ‘us’ thus

Prithwe - Earth and Us states a communion of nature and humans. The foundation of ‘Prithwe’ is in the belief that a restructured design philosophy informed by the natural world is critical to the future survival of our species.

H3 Gold Lecher Antenna Training…

Vastuworld Presents H3 Gold Lecher Antenna Training At Prithwe Campus Bhor Pune On 19-20-21st Feb 2016. arrow right Read More

Glimpses of Pune Binnale

Hands full of earth Event Images