Among the countless elements which participate in this globe of energy, bamboo has been one of those which reliably supported the development and protection of nature's most valuable creation; Humanity.

All along its history with humanity, either in its original form or processed as bamboo charcoal, bamboo vinegar, bamboo fabric or traditional Reiki Bamboo Charcoal bamboo has been used for making furniture, food, medicine, paper, clothing and tools, serving for transportation and construction, inspiring artists as well, among so many other applications.

Bamboo and it’s use in Architecture. We believe in supporting the cause of Nature, and yes this statement might seem humorous to most but we have to support the finds of nature and continue using its products to promote healthy living.

As architecture consultants we believe in applying this knowledge in our construction projects as well. As modern day developers we are increasing the use of Bamboo because it is less formal and more adaptable than other woods. Bamboo's resistance to stretching and its ability to support weight are at least double those of other kinds of wood, making bamboo an ideal material for houses, scaffolding, supporting pillars, and work sheds.

Designing modern day structures to best suit the creative imagination is also very easy and facilitated by the bamboo since the wood is so flexible and the sheen of the plant gives it that added style.

Bamboo both aesthetically and as a strong building material offers so many advantages as compared to others but what tops the list is its eco friendly and adaptable nature in construction.

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