‘‘Prithwe’ aims to work in national and international cooperation. At the same time we are grateful for any expert knowledge of individual persons, likeminded institutions and the knowledgeable support of responsible political government departments of the country. 
We are working on establishing a networking platform for this purpose, for people to understand the programs, give opinions and suggestions to the progress.

Currently we are looking for experts to expand our team. We are especially looking for open minded and creative people in the following sectors:

Basic Architecture and building science. 
Nature care and wildlife protection Permaculture and biological farming Bio - Architecture Alternative construction technologies
bamboo architects & bamboo builders
Mud and rammed earth experts. Arts and Crafts Healing, Health and Nutrition Special children’s education and therapy 
Don’t hesitate to contact us, if you feel connected to the ‘Prithwe’ approach.
‘Prithwe’ is a ground for communication and a platform for global networking in the spirit of free and natural life.