Rammed earth, also known in French as pisé de terre or simply pisé has been used since ages worldwide like many other earth techniques. The earth is mixed thoroughly with water to get a homogeneous humid mix. This humid earth is poured in a form in thin layers and then rammed to increase its density. The increase of density increases as well the compressive strength and the water resistance. Ramming was traditionally done by hand. Since a few decades, ramming is being done mechanically with pneumatic rammers.

The worldwide tradition of rammed earth construction has shown that it is possible to achieve long lasting and majestic buildings from single to multi storey. Wonderful heritage can be found in countries all over the world. One can see numerous and wonderful examples with all kinds of buildings:

• Farms, or rural houses, chateaux and apartments in Europe

• Entire villages in North Africa

• Parts of the great wall of China

• Buildings in most of the Himalayan regions of Tibet, Bhutan, Nepal, Ladakh

• Widespread examples in South America



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