Infinity Bhaktambar energy cards are specially designed bio-geometry plates which has combination of sacred symbols and sound vibrations embedded into them. Ar. Mayank Barjatya in consultation with Jain religious saints such as Param Pujya Sudha Sagar Maharaj and Pranam Sagar Maharaj has developed these 48 cards which follows divine guidance of Mantungachraya follower of first Jain Tirthankar Adinath Bhagwan. 

Mayank during his Reserch found a strong co-relation of Jain philosophy with the Hebrew system of Kabala and tree of life. The protocol to identify the needed stotra and card is based on psychodynamic dowsing & 9 directions. 

48 infinity cards once held in your  hand transmit the right energy to immune system to fight with the disease and ailments which are incurable and chronic. 

These cards have been tested and proved very efficient on cancer, infertility and general wellness patients and has helped people in relationship and financial issues.

Effect has been specially good on people who are Jain and can recite Bhaktambar Sotra, but similar results have been recorded for people who follows other religion and listen these Sotra's with full devotion.

During this one day workshop Ar.Mayank would guide you to comprehend, the science, process of  identification right card and how to effectively use to control Geopathic stress, chronic diseases and vastu faults using 48 Infinity Bhaktambar energy Protocols. 


Workshop Venue