The Vastuworld Academy brings you 5-Days Total Immersion Program on Scientific Vastu.

Sensitivity in Architecture through Science & Mathematics.



Develop your Radieathesia (Sensitivity to Vibrations) with Mayank: A simple and powerful method of raising awareness. Learn the secrets of his 20 years of practice and how to really connect with your immediate environment. During these 5 days, staying & learning with Mayank, you will surpass all limitations, the excuses, the masks, the fears and the thought patterns, to discover that there is so much more to "see".

Who is it for?

Total Immersion is for those who are new and want to immerse themselves in the ocean of Vastu knowledge and for learners who are already doing energy work or want to do so in the future. The goal of this 5-day training is to redefine you, as an energetic therapist, with the most effective method to inspire others and/or help your clients to get overcome their vastu / environmental challenges faster.  Whether or not you have experience, it is important that your goal is to work with clients at a professional level.

Sacred Architecture as a starting point:

Sacred Architecture is totally integrated with the science of sacred spaces where we consider mother earth as the base to start all the activity on the physical plane. The Sacred & the Symbolic: the mysteries, the mystical mathematics, gematria-sacred numerology, the golden mean, vesica piscis, regular plan geometric shapes.

Similarly sacred geometry is the starting point for a journey at the mystical plane. The Geometer’s creation, the physical creation, the creation of life, the world soul, Atlantis.  We will briefly look at the theory behind this mysterious language and from there we are going to embark on the most interesting part of this training: practical experiments!

The Spirit of Indian Architecture:

The scale: humanized, sthapati, parallel, hasta, environment. The proportionate dimensions. The site plan, the mandalas, height, openings, columns, stairs, the edifice, the plants.

Architecture defects & life, the nervous system, the chakras, posture, furniture dimensions, material radiations, health & places of worship. Settlements: system of planning, characteristics of settlement, industrialization & urbanism. Philosophy: the governing nature, astrology and fate, the seven arts.

History versus tradition, Dynamics of existence, Duality of existence, Bipolarity of existence, spatial narratives.

How to work with the science ?

In total immersion you learn how to work as Mayank with H3 Gold Antenna: your key to get access to your client's subconscious, enabling you to better "read" your client.  You will work with Protocols containing several processes, which you can use during human & space scanning. The goal is to learn how to use the protocols as a way of accessing certain mental, physical & emotional blocks, like rejection, fear of failure, frustration, sadness, anger and anything that can limit a client's growth.

During this workshop you will receive different practical tools and techniques to help you with scanning your own feelings, strengthening your intuition and learning to (better) understand your client's signals. On top of that you will receive valuable tips for your practice, based on the experience Mayank gained in the last 20 years.

Solutions ?

As an energetic therapist, it is important to know what are the solutions or source to balance: the main three nodes of energy rectification. The energy balance of the body & the space depends on these nodes, each having a specific meaning based on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of a person in relation to his immediate space.

Step by step we will walk you through the rectification system, giving you an impression of how it works. There is a lot of information you can obtain, which is why we spend quite some time on this subject. We will also let you experience how to install the solutions / remedies & measure the changeover in energies after rectification.

What can you expect?

  • Architecture, Mathematics & Physics of Vastu
  • Science of Sacred Spaces
  • Sacred Geometry
  • How to connect at a deeper level, How to read body language
  • How to scan spaces and how to "read" clients.
  • How to prepare analytical report, action plans & drawings
  • How to work with the body frequencies and energy frequencies of the remedies
  • How to clear your own energy field and protect yourself
  • How to scan human and space energy using scientific tools
  • How to shift energies of the space & How to heal emotional blocks
  • How to recognize remedies / learn to install
  • How to talk and present your solutions to the client


When you have completed this training, you will receive a certificate. In fact you are ready to work professionally and become an official member of the Vastuworld learning Community. When Mayank decides that you are ready for next step, you will receive a profile on our website and professional help.


- Complete workshop being an Energetic Therapist

- Workbook

-  Healthy Foods/drinks and Eco accommodations

- Yoga, meditation and earth walk

- Pick up & drop: Vastuworld 5, Phayre Road, Pul Gate, Camp. Pune:

Contact: Ring : 02026354487 , email : info@vastuworld.com, skype : vastuworld, Whatsup : +919822280919


Workshop Venue
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