Architecture is the Seventh Art


Architecture is not merely the profession of Designing Buildings; it is much more than that! It is a comprehensive process of shaping a cultural landscape, through Art and Science of the built-environment; it is indeed a multi-disciplinary and integrated process spanning Arts, Crafts, Sciences, Technologies and Philosophies.

Intelligent, sensitive, and sustainable architectural design is more important and relevant today than it ever was. Just like the centuries-old tree in the rainforest that is in complete synchronisation with its surroundings, human living and working spaces too must be designed as seamless structures. PrithWe provides a simple and genuine philosophy rooted in natural materials and techniques, combined with the wisdom of traditional Indian architecture and philosophy, to provide a unique and powerful path to architectural design that is truly human.

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Bamboo and Earth Architecture

The vast legacy of Earth Architecture has been observed in the traditional and vernacular architecture since ages. Even today, Earth is a local resource of building material. It is neither manufactured nor transported. It can be found everywhere nearby. That’s how it helps in saving energy and reduces environmental pollution. Earth is a 100% eco-friendly building material. Earth has different size of grains in its components namely clay, sand, silt, gravels. Earth architecture consists of different building techniques which needs certain proportion of these components. Variety in the different sizes identifies the quality of the earth. It is very essential to identify the earth in terms of its organic contents.

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At Prithwe we believe in using building material which is available within 5 kms. Village Kurunji in Bhor has a big bamboo plantation and we use the same Maize bamboo for all our constructions, we use local wood from already fallen trees and creat hybrid structures where bundles of several thin maize bamboo are tied together and used as roofing members.

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Healthy Homes

Our living spaces have become disconnected from our bodies, with a great cost to our health and well-being. Architecture must rise to bridge this gap by creating homes that prioritize the health of its residents and the natural environment. Building healthy homes is a step toward bringing humans back into an intimate connection with the earth and in turn, their own well-being.

Radiation Free Homes

Energetic Architecture

Traditional Energy Architecture had truly been a holistic discipline and as such an architect should have insight of religion, languages, literature, astronomy, maths, astrology, philosophy sculpture and music and other arts, science and technology. In short he should be an enlightened person and a complete ( yogi ) person.

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Prithwe Learning

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IBE - Prithwe Collaborative Courses

Prithwe Institute is proud to announce our recent academic and technical collaboration with the International Institute of Building Biology and Ecology (IBE).

Courses: Building Biology, Ecological Design, Traditional Indian Architecture, Vastu Shashtra, Geopathy, Sacred Geometry and many more.

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Foundation Course in Vastu Shastra

FRI-SUN | 14 to 16 JUN 2019 | PUNE

A 3 day foundation workshop exploring the science,energetics and application of the Vastu Shastra, one of the oldest design systems in the world.

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Intuitive Natural Building - 2019

FRI-SUN | 31 MAY to 2 JUN 2019 | BHOR

Intuitive Natural Building Workshop

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