Building Biology Solutions

Prithwe energy consultancy offers a scientific process to get a spatial overhaul and rejuvenated experience of your home or workspace. We help you connect the dots between your health & happiness. This will be our architecture for your enhanced living.

Prithwe team specialises in healthy building systems and we along with few resource persons from Institute of building biology & ecology Santa Fe would like to help the disease, unhealthiness, sickness reduce in your existing spaces and would provide guidance to make your new homes & workplaces health efficient.

Contact us if :
  • Your house has a persistent unhealthy family member.
  • You feel sick when you are at your home.
  • Your workspace drains your energies.
  • Your office is making you inefficient.
  • You cannot sleep well in your bedroom.
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Significance of the human-space energy matrix

Geopathic stress (GS) is not just a term in vogue. It is very real. And it is increasingly becoming a significant factor in big and small illnesses and psychological conditions.

Understanding geopathic stress, the Earth’s electromagnetic frequency and its effects on human life, and correcting any aberrations is critical to creating healthy building and healthy lives.
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What is Geopathic Stress?

The Earth resonates with energy from its electromagnetic field with a frequency of about 7.83 Hz (Schumann resonance). This resonant energy has an effect on our health. When disruptions like underground sewers, water and electric lines, minerals, and tectonic faults distort the Earth’s natural energy, problems crop up.

How does Prithwe intervene?

With our emphasis on Energy Architecture, we explore, analyze, and create a balanced human-space energy matrix for you and your space. Our guidance is specific to the person you are, your human energy, your context, your place, and your requirements from that place.

Prithwe’s technique of geo-stress mapping and finding nodal defect points is based on scientific earth communication protocols using geo-biology & megmagnetic dectecting instruments

Guiding you toward human-spatial harmony

Prithwe offers a unique synthesis of traditional Indian architectural principles and scientific German building biology guidelines—so you can achieve health, fulfillment and wellness from your living/working space.

Selection of plot and site : To determine earth energy compatibility with your (owner’s) vibrations.

Earth-level scanning : For geopathic stress, laylines, Curry girds, Harman cross lines and how all these will affect your health and prosperity.

External and interior spatial design inputs : Includes scientific and process-oriented determination of room / building dimensions according to human proportions (shad verga calculations), positions of different rooms, kitchen cooking areas, toilets, sleeping positions, open spaces, puja zone, sitting rooms, industry process flow, etc. We do this for apartments, bungalows, shops, offices, industries and other spaces.

Environment design inputs : Covers human-spatial compatibility to determine direct impact of new house designs on health effectiveness of inhabitants.

Materials analysis : Assessment of furniture and building material to determine toxicity, health effects, and disease compatibility of existing human ailments with the new space.

Commercial and public spaces designing :

Experts at balancing the environment to maximize productivity and success in your work and daily life.

Public spaces such as hospitals, theaters, mass housing, town planning & community design require generic criteria of comfortable cosmic energies and financial telluric energies. Our approach assures you just that—great gains mentally and physically.