Prithwe Education Philosophy

Prithwe Institute of Research & Development (PIRD)

(Research center for traditional Indian architecture and building biology)

Prithwe (Earth) - The mother of all life.

From physical birth until the bodies dissolve in her again, earth is holding every living being forever indifferent from her. She is the one that gives us the space for shelter, the air to breathe, the light to see, the water to drink and the soil for growing food. Today this togetherness of ‘Earth and us’ is often forgotten.

We build artificial living spaces, even entire new cities for a technical society. Our children grow up in ‘protected environments’ behind concrete curtains, far away from the real touch of life. We are losing contact with each other and our connective base, our earth and nature around us.

Nature's immense beauty and perfection as the ground for life is getting neglected, exploited and destroyed because of our need to seek for artificial comfort. Our lives depend upon nature and if we continue treating it as an unlimited resource, we will repeat the same mistakes of civilizations before us and loose our very own living ground. It is time to rethink the way we are leading our lives and the way we develop our habitations. We have to find better ways to integrate our needs with the needs of nature and permanently realign ourselves with the natural flow of life.

‘Prithwe’ is communion of earth and us, where you experience the in frangible bond with nature.

Our Mission

To establish the underlying ethos of architecture as a holistic science, reinventing traditional architectural knowledge.

- Synchronize the traditional knowledge with today's technical advances. - Synthesize architectural education based on ethical and ecological values, critical to health and vitality.

Our Vision

Is to choose multilevel approach to create an example of how we humans can live in harmony and in communion with nature, rather than in competition.

- Serve as an experimental and experiencing ground as well as a collective and corrective platform for socio-ecological living, farming, production and education, as much as for healing and spiritual development.

- To bring innovative thinking, new ecological forms and interdisciplinary approach to building design education, using nature as its underlying model. - Ours will be an international approach to architectural education, along with research programmes in Indian traditional construction systems that explores creative visual expression, thinking and living systems, green healthy materials and eco-friendly construction methods.

- As a liberal architecture school with an integrated curriculum, learners will be allowed to design their own curriculum and choose their own subjects.