Prithwe : Earth And Us

Prithwe : Earth and Us

Prithwe : Earth and Us, is a concept which me as an architect & my wife Priti as intuitive nature lover dreamed long back,  "Prith".... means, untouched, pure, God-made, natural, "We" is us the people, animals, plants all of us who find our base & stability on the Earth.


We wanted to realize this dream in a place which has all 5 elements in its purest form. both of us travelled all over the world to learn and experience the best of nature, Green School Bali, Auroville India, Aux De Province, France, Lima Peru, Swiss Mountains etc.

Earth without the human connection is incomplete, Prithwe concept is based on respecting both the elements : human as bio-energies and earth as geo-biology, here we are trying to demonstrate biology & physics along with bjio-chemical energies.

Prithwe encompasses, Architecture as 7th Art. At Prithwe we work together to recreate the lost connection, both in terms of human to human & human to earth, we use Rammed earth, bamboo, stone and wood for all our infrastructure purposes

Geobiology is science which we work on to understand the core of the earth using physics of resonance and electro magnetic radiations, we try to connect to earth strata, we try to listen to the earth sound, we play with earth, we do Agnihotra on earth and also we walk barefoot so we & earth becomes one.

Prithwe has a team of senior experts we are really lucky to have the Pritzker Winner B V Doshi sir the greatest Architect of modern India as our guide & Mentor

At Prithwe, we learn from experts who have spent their lives loving nature and earth, Aurolieo from Swaram tune our ears to earth vibration, we can even feel the earth breathing, Sashikala Ananth from Ridhambara allows the vedic wisdom to generate positive vibrations , Jorge the Bamboo carpenter from Columbia, Alex the eco builder from New Zealand, Micheal Rice, the organic architect from ireland all are part of team and has visited Prithwe, Marve from Turkey sculpt beautiful earth wall with bags and we feel the earth cry while ramming, Earth musicians to earth artists to earth food all unite at Prithwe.

Bio-energetics to Building Biology, Vastu to Shilpa Shastra, Rammed earth to Adobe, Bamboo to wood, you will find all lastest information, processes and techniques @ Prithwe.