Building Biologists and Sustainable Architects are technical individuals who place traditional construction methods under the lens of environmental consciousness. Commercial and residential spaces with green spaces, solar panels and natural lighting are examples of sustainable architecture. Services and consultancy provided in the above mentioned field needs a Bau-biologist.

Students out of Prithwe Institute would be an individual, who would opt for higher education on sustainable design and would work as consultants, would write for editorials in green publications. They can apply for positions with design firms that focus on renovating old spaces with tools for energy savings.

Prithwe would also employ trainees for its own in house consultancy work; Prithwe students can also search for a job with a local construction company early in your career to develop vendor relationships for future projects.

Special Prithwe students can opt for government positions focusing on sustainable development. Local and state governments have turned to architectural graduates to fill positions as inspectors on pilot projects for eco-friendly property developments.

Prithwe students with global thinking can Offer their services as a sustainable architectural consultant to companies around the world. Prithwe education has modules to learn foreign language skills. Students with jet setting attitude can get a job with an international organization looking to improve sustainable building practices in the developing world.

Prithwe Students with Social and community service attitude can become Volunteers for home-building organizations. NGO’s, WHO, UNESCO and other local Green and Natural Organizations.