Naduhl Energetic Architecture

Humans Make Houses into Homes; Naduhl Brings in the Harmony through Energetics 

Your home has its own life force – an energy grid – that is a combination of multiple energetic sources. Your energetic body (and your family’s) interacts with this grid every day. 

The sudden feelings of elation or positivity or the unexpected lethargy or depression come from here. A lot of your health issues and the state of your family relationships can be traced back to these energies.

Naduhl has solutions that can help build harmonized living spaces; one personalized solution at a time. 

Naduhl For Industries And Work Spaces

Business Are Powered by People; Naduhl Helps Align the Energies that Power the People

Work space energetics have a massive impact on the industry or office that occupies the space. It makes all the difference in terms success, employee spirit, seamless functioning of different departments and verticals, and much more. 
Can you imagine what the energy map of your work place might be, and how it is influencing your organisation?

Naduhl can help analyze and ease the energetic friction at your industry or corporate office,       

Naduhl For Pre-construction

An Energetic Map of a Site Is as Critical as a Blueprint; Naduhl Energetics Are Transformative 

 Introducing Naduhl at the pre-construction stage is extremely proactive and effective building design. Buildings need to be designed with consideration to the various, powerful energetic influences surrounding them. 
Pre-construction consulting can help prevent the friction and issues caused by negative energetics, saving the money and effort of delayed remediation.

A Naduhl consultant can read the land and provide advice on how to go about designing the building.

Naduhl For Remediation

Naduhl provides solutions and remedies to help resolve human space energy dissonance

Living or work space remediation is a very real and effective option when you want to find sustainable energetic solutions for issues impacting yourself, your family, or your workforce. 
Disease, friction, recurring problems are symptoms of imbalance in the telluric, cosmic, and architectural energies surrounding your living and work spaces.

Naduhl uses multiple tools and instruments, designed by Mayank Barjatya, based on ancient and contemporary sciences, to counter, leverage, or channel the energies around you as appropriate.