Earthing Center

Prithwe Earthing Centre

Prithwe Earthing Centre is situated on a scenic riverfront property. It has been envisioned as a multi-functional and flexible design solution. One that pushes the boundaries of conventional studios – where collaborative sessions, workshops and exhibitions can be held, bring forth a new discourse within the fraternity and bridge the gap between students, professionals, and the environment they seek to understand and live in. The entire site consists of a main central villa, cottages and tents for volunteers, and a bamboo pavilion (Malluka) which acts as a shaded hands-on workshop area.

Ar. Mayank Barjatya, a pioneer in the field of Building Biology and Healthy Building Science has laboured to design Prithwe Earthing Centre - a space free from Geopathic Stress, and negative Earth Energies which upset the energetic equilibrium of our bodies paving way for a plethora of lifestyle diseases. Due to his continual efforts, it is the best place in India to get yourself grounded and restore your energetic equilibrium.

This facility is located just 2 hours from Pune city and we offer a range of activities, along with day-trips and stay packages to make this experience available to anyone seeking to reconnect with Nature and Mother Earth. For more details, you can email us at

Experience The Prithwe Ecostay

Prithwe Earthing Centre provides a residential facility crafted with taking into consideration the ecology and the beneficial Earth Energies after extensive research. It boasts of facilities like :

  • Organic river water treated with sand filters to maximize retention of essential minerals
  • Earth Kitchen where food is cooked on Solar Energy
  • Extensively studies open areas with various installations designed to maximize the flow of Earth Energies
  • Bio - Architecture
  • Rammed Earth and Bamboo Cottages equipped functionally and overlooking the Yelawanti River.
  • Seasonally available organically grown fruits, vegetables and good home-made food

Volunteer Opportunities

Calling all ecologists and nature enthusiasts!!
Feel free to contact us if you are looking to experience the Prithwe way of life. We would love to host volunteers who are willing too work for 6-8 hour daily. You will be provided with food, accommodation and a once in a lifetime experience of living in the lap of Mother Earth.

Earth Connection : The Missing Link

The human body has evolved means to kill bacteria using reactive oxygen species (ROS) that are delivered to a site of injury by white blood cells. Although very effective at this task, ROS are also highly reactive biochemically and can damage healthy tissues. ROS are usually positively charged molecules that need to be neutralized immediately to prevent them from diffusing into healthy tissues. For that purpose, negative charges are needed. Nature has solved this problem by providing conductive systems within the human body that deliver electrons from the feet to all parts of the body.

This has been the natural arrangement throughout most of human history. Negative charges have always been available, thanks to the Earth, to prevent the inflammatory process from damaging healthy tissues. All of this changed when we began to wear shoes with rubber and plastic soles, and no longer slept in contact with the earth.

The Benefits of Earthing

The benefits of "Earthing" have been substantiated by several scientific studies and are getting the attention of open minded people. The science of Earthing is based on the principle that all living creatures are electrical by nature and that the human body is a dynamic conductor of electrical impulses. The energy residing on the surface of the earth is primarily electrical in the form of negatively charged free electrons. Free radicals, the main source of inflammation, tissue destruction and disease are positively charged. The practice of Earthing effectively neutralizes the positively charged free radicals.