PRITHWE....EARTH & US is  the brainchild of Architect Mayank Barjatya & Priti Bhandari, Prithwe is an autonomous organization dedicated to bringing together the technical, biological understanding and ecological sensitivity to create healthy homes and workplaces.

Prithwe is the center for rediscovering Architecture & building Science with a different perspective.
The Prithwe Philosophy includes Research, Education & Consultancy with an underlining holistic approach for healthy living.
Prithwe's main objective is to educate, the non-practiced part of building science, which involves genres concerning nature, agriculture, healing of the human body and its habitat.
The institute provides space for experiments, study & research on innovative natural building techniques & ecology.
The Prithwe model is conceptualization of an alternative, sustainable option in learning through a liberal process in subjects like –

  • Environment friendly architecture.
  • Ecological design solution
  • Natural waste management
  • Eco sanitation
  • Solar passive architecture
  • Organic food growing techniques.
  • Rain Water harvesting
  • Native Indian method of construction,
  • Natural building systems
  • Earth construction 
  • Bamboo in structural architecture.

The institute promotes interaction and participation of students from all over the world, involving exchange programs to various international locations.
Special sponsorship's for students from rural backgrounds are offered to help develop and upgrade local communities.

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