Traditional Indian Architecture

Architecture is the energy manifest, it is substantial, it is the microspace, it is the Macrospace. The indwelling energy is divine being. The living space of God's and human beings is Energy Architecture. 

  • Traditional Indian Architecture :

Understanding Architecture and design patterns : Pre British Era its relevance in today's time. Monthly & Yearly modules based on Mayamatam, Mansara & Samrangana Sutradhara.

  • Spiritual Architecture :

Architecture which involves creative intuitiveness & feelings. Sensitivity to space & vibrations. Weekly & Monthly modules

  • Sacred / Temple Architecture :

Temple design, the guidelines, scale, geometry and systems as per regional and cultural boundaries within India. Monthly and Yearly Modules

  • Vastu Shilpa Shastra :

Scientific Relevance of Vastu norms and principles to follow for residential, commercial and industrial environment. Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Modules

  • Measuring and Scanning Tools :

Scientific Method to analyse the hidden vibrations using tools and machines. Weekly & Monthly Modules

  • Energy Rectification :

Use or Remedies and system to control the negative vibration of environment. Weekly & Monthly Modules :

  • Geo-biology & Geopathy

Under earth energies and its impact on human well being. Weekly, Monthly & Yearly Modules.

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