‘Prithwe : Earth and Us’ consists of active team members coming together from diverse fields to create a complete ecological lifestyle.

An enterprising go-getter, Priti Bhandari comes from a family background of builders/developers. A professional Fashion Designer since 1997, she runs her own design unit in Pune, specializing in hand embroidery, designer furnishing and quilting. Adding hands-on magic to learning, Priti has conducted different kinds of workshop for children and families. She has learnt and worked with many international and local Indian specialists in the fields ofBuilding Biology, Sacred Geometry and hands-on education. She is actively studying various education systems and styles of learning. Owing to her extensive study and research, Priti has devised and designed workshop based learning modules for children. Priti has done more than a decade of research and study on subjects related to sustainable, environment friendly and holistic architecture.  She has conducted nature camps, nature trails and nature related workshops for all age groups. Priti’s husband and a long time supporter of the Prithwe philosophyMayank Barjatya is an architect and a building biologist by profession. Science postgraduate in ecology & environment, Mayank has done extensive research on healthy building systems. His research papers on earth communication are published in international journals. His tenure as a building specialist since 1995 has made him realize that architecture and architectural education needs an urgent shift.

Mayank is also a Faculty for Design & Development at the School of Science & Design Innovation at New Earth University.

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