Vastuworld’s Bio Energy Process

Health is integral part of wellbeing and our HOME , environment has a big impacts on it. At Vastuworld we believe that  Health, Happiness and Harmony have to be handled together by architects and home builders. Human body & its environment needs to be studied as wholistic entity “ Purna”.

Vastuworld’s Bio Energy Process The core of this process is – Energy of Space This cannot be interpretated independently, however it needs to be analyzed in conjuncture to the energies of the people residing / working it in and vis versa. This idea forms the basis framework, since every living, non-living entity are vibrating at their own frequency and upon close proximity create their own vibratory pattern – either beneficial or unfavorable pattern.
Bio-energetic architecture is an approach for all the inhabitants of the earth to get back into harmony with their natural environment. “These bio-energetic ingredients help balance and liven up our homes and workspaces as they release us from stress and boost our immune system. Most of today’s building materials have poisoned our lives and contributed 76 percent to our body’s ailments. An approach to the scientific process of creating optimal living and working spaces in our already contaminated environment …… Mayank