Volunteering At Prithwe

Prithwe is an initiative for collaboration between people and nature. We strive to be a platform for alliance with professionals as well as volunteers who might be interested in a lifestyle of which bonds deeply with mother Earth.

We would also love to associate with like-minded institutions and gain the knowledgeable support of responsible political government departments of the country. As volunteers, we are looking for people who would like to experience the life in Prithwe Ecovillage first hand.

We invite experts and volunteers with experience in the following fields to come and be a part of the Prithwe experience:

  • Basic Architecture and Building Science.
  • Nature Care and Wildlife Protection.
  • Permaculture and Biological Farming.
  • Bio - Architecture.
  • Alternative Construction Technologies.
  • Bamboo Architects & Bamboo Builders.
  • Mud and Rammed Earth Experts.
  • Arts and Crafts Healing, Health and Nutrition.
  • Education and Therapy for Special Children.

Life at Prithwe

Prithwe Earthing Centre is situated on a scenic riverfront property. It has been envisioned as a multi-functional and flexible design solution. One that pushes the boundaries of conventional studios – where collaborative sessions, workshops and exhibitions can be held, bring forth a new discourse within the fraternity and bridge the gap between students, professionals, and the environment they seek to understand and live in. The entire site consists of a main central villa, cottages and tents for volunteers, and a bamboo pavilion (Malluka) which acts as a shaded hands-on workshop area.

Calling all ecologists and nature enthusiasts!!
Feel free to contact us if you are looking to experience the Prithwe way of life. We would love to host volunteers who are willing too work for 6-8 hour daily. You will be provided with food, accommodation and a once in a lifetime experience of living in the lap of Mother Earth.