Geopathy Solution

Moving out geopathic stress :

This doesn’t mean moving out of house but making the things safer by altering sleeping position or bed from the afflicted zone to some other side. Sleeping position determines our resistance to particular area while we asleep we are much more under the geopathic stress which causes frequent illnesses and fatal diseases in rare cases.

Neutralize the geopathic stress

Essentially neutralizing is another method of dealing with geopathic stress under critical situations. Devices like Hartmann spirals and flat dielectrical resonators are placed under the bed to discard GS. Electronic machines plugged in main switch are good option to neutralize the geopathic afflicted area and dowsers are ideal and commonly used by most practitioners.

You can reform your surroundings and eliminate the effects of environmental stress while improving your health, happiness and blissful living. We know how to create sanctuaries for living and working that will enliven you.